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Course objectives:
To impart knowledge and skill to use tools, machines, equipment, and measuring instruments.
Educate students of Safe handling of machines and tools.

Module 1

1. Demonstration on use of Hand Tools: V-block, Marking Gauge, Files, Hack Saw, Drills, Taps.Minimum 3 models involving Dove tail joint,Triangular joint and Semicircular joint.
2. Welding: Study of electric arc welding tools & equipment, Models: Butt Joint, Lap Joint, T joint & L-joint.
3. Sheet Metal & Soldering Work: Development & Soldering of the models: Tray, Frustum of cone, Prism(Hexagon & Pentagon),Truncated Square Pyramid, Funnel.

Course outcomes:

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate and produce different types of fitting models.
2. Gain knowledge of development of sheet metal models with an understanding of their applications.
3. Perform soldering and welding of different sheet metal & welded joints.
4. Understand the Basics of Workshop practices.

Ref Books:

1. Elements of Workshop Technology:Vol I:Manufacturing Processes, S K Hajra.
Choudhury, A K. Hajra Choudhury,15th Edition Reprinted 2013,
Media Promoters &Publishers Pvt Ltd., Mumbai.
Note: No mini drafters and drawing boards required.
Drawings (Developments) can be doneon sketch sheets using scale , pencil and Geometrical Instruments